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Lace Bite Nerd

The Lace Bite Pack

The Lace Bite Pack

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Everything you need to start skating pain free. Designed by hockey players, for hockey players.
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  • Product Details

    • One pair of gel pad toeless socks
    • One "hands free" ice wrap that fits snug to your foot and ankle
    • One cooler that keeps the ice wrap "freezer cold"
  • Fix the Pain

    • Gel pads relieve pressure while skating (and you won't feel them while they're on)
    • Ice to reduce swelling after every game
  • Risk Free

    • 30-day money back guarantee
    • Free shipping worldwide

Our story

I developed lace bite a few years ago after playing hockey my entire life. I tried every solution I could find, but nothing fixed the pain.

So I created my own products and improved them until I started skating without pain. I'd like to help you skate pain free too.

I use all of the products I sell every time I skate.