Warm Up to Help Prevent Lace Bite

A common cause of lace bite is not warming up adequately. Lace bite occurs when the tendon that runs through the top of your foot and ankle is aggravated, and it’s easier to do that when you try skating super hard right when you step on the ice. Warming up well is a great method to help prevent lace bite.

Before you hit the ice, try massaging the area impacted by lace bite. I like to spend about a minute doing a simple massage on each foot and ankle before I put on any of my equipment. Massage along the middle of your foot and ankle feeling for the tendon. I try to massage just to the left and right of that tendon. This warms up that tendon so it’s not quite as jarring once I start skating.

Once you’re on the ice, warm up. Get to your game early. Make sure you can use the full warm up time. I typically start with easy laps around the rink and gradually build into more aggressive strides. I’ll mix in a few tight turns and stops and starts. The idea is to gradually progress into actions that place more pressure on the tendon with lace bite.

We also sell products to help prevent lace bite pain. I use these products every time I skate to keep the pain away.

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