Where to knot your skate laces to reduce lace bite

move lace knot to reduce lace bite pain

Most hockey players tie the knot in their skate laces directly over the middle the tongue of the skate. This feels most natural and is similar to how people tie their shoes. But I’ve found that changing where the knot is tied can actually reduce pain from lace bite!

The goal is to reduce as much pressure as possible over the painful area in your foot or ankle. This is where your tendon is aggravated, and pressing down on it will only make your lace bite worse.

To reduce pressure on your tendon, try tying the knot either to the far left or far right of your skate. It should be right next to the eyelet as far away from the middle of the tongue of the skate as possible.

This moves the pressure from the knot left or right of the tendon and should reduce pain from lace bite. I’ve found that this technique won’t eliminate lace bite pain, but it’s one more helpful tool to alleviate the pain.

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